SMoCA AZ, BEYOND 2020-21
Magenta _ Breaking Up the Concrete Cloud - NKS - SMoCA BEYOND
Studio Install - NKS- SMoCA BEYOND
_New Narrative series- NKS- SMoCA BEYOND
One Post 2_2021_01_14
YouTube Pednding Commission, Brannan Lobby SF, On-Site Road
OCHI GALLERY, Sun Valley ID Trip n’ Fall, Again (left) Klaus K and his Butterfly (right)
Cooper Design Center Lobby Installation, 2022
MMFA PD, Winter 2021
MMFA Placement
Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.59.35 AM
2014 Plate Tectonic, N’Namdi Contemporary, Miami, FL
2014 Plate Tectonic, N’Namdi Contemporary, Miami, FL Opening
Ochi Catalog
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Upcoming Exhibitions

2023-24 Undisclosed, Year Long Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
2023 Undisclosed, Group Exhibition, Beverly Hills, CA
2023 Changing Room, Berlin, GR
2023 Undisclosed, Museum of Contemporary Art, CA
2022 Undisclosed, Ojai, CA
2022 Golden Ratio Exhibition, curated by Laura Whitcomb, Los Angeles, CA
2022 PIPELINE, Exhibitions in Bendix Studio featuring Berlin based sculptor Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Los Angeles, CA