Zipper UUUUU 1-6, 2021 8 x 18‘ 2”Acrylic on Mylar (with me)
06.MarinMOCA Exhibition 2023 UUUUU 11-16 _ Diamond Cloud 2
07.MarinMOCA Exhibition 2023 UnRaveled Field 1 _ UnRaveled Gold Field _ Fox Hole
08.UUUUU_s in studio
09.Nick Aguayo Shot. UUUUU 11-16, 2021 and Un-Raveled Field I, 2022 on table and me in studio -photo credit Nick Aguayo
11.Failed Lenses Collection Dimensions variable Hand blow glass _Hot Coals” As seen thru “Failed Lenses_
SMoCA AZ, BEYOND 2020-21
Magenta _ Breaking Up the Concrete Cloud - NKS - SMoCA BEYOND
Studio Install - NKS- SMoCA BEYOND
_New Narrative series- NKS- SMoCA BEYOND
One Post 2_2021_01_14
YouTube Pednding Commission, Brannan Lobby SF, On-Site Road
OCHI GALLERY, Sun Valley ID Trip n’ Fall, Again (left) Klaus K and his Butterfly (right)
Cooper Design Center Lobby Installation, 2022
MMFA PD, Winter 2021
MMFA Placement
Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 11.59.35 AM
2014 Plate Tectonic, N’Namdi Contemporary, Miami, FL
2014 Plate Tectonic, N’Namdi Contemporary, Miami, FL Opening
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Upcoming Exhibitions + Installs + Ink

2025 Mercurochome- Oppenheimer’s Garden, 60ft Wall Fairfax & Melrose, 751 Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA
2024 SADE Group Drawing Show, Los Angeles, CA
2024 TBA, curated by Laura Whitcomb, CA
2024 OBLIVION SEEKERS: Scraping Heaven, The Fourth Wall Gallery, Oakland, CA
2024 MERCURIO & PETROLEO, Exterior Installation on The Milchhof Building, DT Berlin, GR
2023 Legacy Exhibition, Manhattan Beach Art Center curated by Homeira Goldstein & Eric Brinkman, Manhattan Beach, CA
2023 Mercurochrome- blood and the promise of healing in fluorescent orange pink, The Changing Room, Berlin, Germany
2023 Radio Arty, Berlin, Germany
2023 Wildly Hung, Berlin, Germany
2023 Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden
2023 Hanging with the Swedes, PIPELINE, Los Angeles, California
2023 Bay Area Legends Exhibition SUPER-SILLY-US: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon & Nellie King Solomon, MarinMOCA, Novato, California
2023 Knight Nobel & King Solomon, PIPELINE, Los Angeles, California
2023 With It Girl, featured article and playlist, California
2023 TBA, Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ